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Accounts & Transactions

*Return Item Fee $35 per returned item
*Paid Item Fee $35 per paid item
*Overdraft Courtesy Fee $35 per paid item
Returned Deposit Items $10 per item
**First Line Overdraft Line of Credit $20 annually
Overdraft Transfer Fee $5 per transfer
Stop Payment Fees $35 per item
Dormant Account Fee (after 12 months on balances less than $1000) $5 per month
Fee on accounts closed in 90 days or less $30

Collection Items

Incoming Drafts $15 each
Outgoing Drafts $10 plus cost
Garnishment/Levy on Account $75 per account

Wire Transfers (Bank Customers Only)

Outgoing $20 per wire
Incoming $10 per wire
International Outgoing $50 plus cost
International Incoming $35


ATM/Debit Card No Annual Fee
Replacement Card $10 per card
ATM Surcharge (Non Customer) $4.00
Foreign ATM Fee (Non First United Bank ATM) $2
Bank Cashier's Checks (Customer Only) $5 each
Counter Checks $1 per check
Check Cashing (Non Customer) 2% per $100/$5 minimum
Statements held for pick-up $5 per statement
Return mail fee $10 per statement if undelivered in 60 days
Copy of paid check or document $2 each
Telephone Transfer $5 per transfer
Account Balancing & Research $50 per hour/$50 minimum
CD Rom Statement/Commercial $25
Non-Locking Bank Bag $3 each
Locking Night Deposit Bag $15 each

*May be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

**Subject to credit approval.